Moving Meraki MX68 to new Org

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Moving Meraki MX68 to new Org

Hi Guys

I want to move a Meraki MX to a new Org, it is currently on a public static IP, I do not want it to lose it.

Can I move this to another org without losing the IP address of the device?


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You could request a org split of its a new org you want to create.


For moving the device yourself  the documentation says no

Getting noticed

I've moved an MX with a static WAN IP to a different organization without the MX losing the IP. 


That being said, I would assume the static IP will be lost and plan accordingly with someone at the site who can configure the IP on the MX if it's lost.

Getting noticed

I believe if you set the IP through the local status page it will keep it. It's been a while since I've tried though.

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Are you referring to the WAN IP of the MX?  If it's a static IP, then by definition it shouldn't change.  How is the IP allocated?  Some providers for example use DHCP, but assign that circuit the same public IP address, regardless of the MAC at the other end.  Others you will use PPPoE, others still will have you statically assign yourself as a /31 or /30.  You are probably best off check with whoever supplies the underlying circuit.

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