Meraki site-to-site VPN migration

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Meraki site-to-site VPN migration



Currently I have a site-to-site VPN between my home and a remote site that has a digital TV repeater. The internet connection at the remote site uses a PUSR G806E/AU cellular ethernet modem. The solution is very satisfactory, but my monthly traffic from that site, currently 250GB is going to rise to around 500GB although it's an unlimited data contract, I imagine the cellular provider will start to ask questions at the higher data throughput.


The main site has an MX84 and the remote site an Z1


As the remote site is only 0.4 miles away and there is good line-of-site propagation I intent to replace the cellular link with a Ubiquiti point-to-point license free 5.8GHz link.


My question is how to best configure this from a Meraki point of view. The main site has 4 VLANs and the remote site has a single VLAN (there are only 8 devices on the remote site, but one produces most of the traffic streaming video to the internet as well as receiving some video streams).


Question: Should I consider the new link as a WAN connection or should I consider it a LAN connection and somehow extend the remote VLAN between the sites? Or should I just treat the new link as another internet connection and run site-to-site VPN over it and would I connect the new link to the WAN2 port on the MX64? I regard the remote site as insecure as there is possible physical access to the remote switch.


The PUSR G806E/AU cellular modem at the remote site does support WAN passthrough and can switch to cellular in event of the main link failure but I also have a Huawei USB cellular modem dongle which is on another cellular provider as a backup.


I would also like to keep cellular as a backup in the new scenario.


Suggestions as to the best way forward would be much appreciated.


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