Meraki VPN client for Windows/Mac

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Meraki VPN client for Windows/Mac

Anyone else heard of any updates on a Meraki client for Windows/Mac? AnyConnect works well for other Cisco products but still none for Meraki, just "Make a wish" and rumors there might be one in the fall this year. Anyone else have a want/need as we keep seeing Windows updates switching from PAP to MSChap on us and breaking the connection every time there is a security critical update on random machines.

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To the best of my knowledge the integrated VPN client on MacOS and Windows is still the best (best practice) method to connect to the Meraki VPN. There are however 3rd party VPN clients that will support PAP for both Windows and MacOS. I think we are all hoping for AnyConnect/SSL VPN support for Meraki, but that is not likely to happen soon.

yes you would think this would be a simple fix, but I just had to switch a customer over to an ASA because his VPN kept have issues - so far none with anyconnect and the ASA but it's a shame because he had Meraki switches

@TMRoberts  There is no official Meraki VPN client, hopefully they will release one some day. 

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>There are however 3rd party VPN clients


Could you recommend one of these clients @BAllen ?

Kind of a big deal

Best plan is to script the VPN client profile setup in powershell or something else that works well for your environment. We don't even try to fix the VPN client profile when we have an issue, just delete and run the script again. Cures 95% of the issues.

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what's wrong/missing with Sentry VPN via SM?

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