MX84 work with another brand

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MX84 work with another brand

I have MX64, and for some reason, I can't purchase Meraki Switches, my Question what kind of the switches from another brand can work with vlans

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Ronihihi any switch with VLANs will work, if you buy Cisco (non Meraki) switches then just make sure they are set for one spanning tree instance, not one per VLAN.

Thanks can you explain me more how to do it.

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I have. MS120-24 switch from a client who upgraded to a 48 port switch.


I also have a MS220-24P with an end of life in 2024 switch available.


I could sell you one or both switches for a reasonable price.  Both would need a license though.


- Dave

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