MX84 and Barracuda WSG 410?..

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MX84 and Barracuda WSG 410?..



Multiple users reported sporadic ICAP errors when trying to open pdfs online. The website would time out and then we would get a generic Barracuda error page describing an ICAP error without an error number. After working with Barracuda Tech support for some time, we figured out that the Advanced malware Protection on the MX84 and the Barracuda WSG were not playing nice together. I turned off the AMP (basically overkill anyway) and all is working fine now.




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi @jackyjoy123 , we see this quite a bit with our deployments where internal users are unable to download pdfs.  Have you tried whitelisting the urls within the Threat Protection page of the MX?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Usually its a matter of looking at the security events in the Security Centre in the Meraki Dashboard, and then whitelisting those IPS signatures.


Of course, you first have to satisfy yourself that the alerts are false and the PDFs don't actually contain a threat.

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Not a long-time Barracuda admin here. But still. I already had ICAP errors trying to open pdf files. You can try to add those exact destinations to the No ICAP Policy on the proxy.



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