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MX64 - Transparent Mode limitations

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MX64 - Transparent Mode limitations



Whilst I understand the MX64 is recommended for no more than 50 clients with max throughput of 250Mbps.

I was wondering if when using the device in transparent mode these recommendations would be lifted somewhat?


I'm hoping that there would be less load on the unit and it could handle 100 or even 200 clients? 250Mbps is sufficient as is. I'm just interested on the client side of things.


Anyone had any experience in this type of scenario?


Thanks in-advance

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Re: MX64 - Transparent Mode limitations

We have a number of MX65s which I think are the same chipset and one of them regularly has over 300 users in routed mode load balancing 2x internet links with the enterprise feature set.  Device utilization peaks at about 25% and the experience is good for the users

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Re: MX64 - Transparent Mode limitations

Yea, I wish Meraki qualified their client recommendation. I have at easily 2x-4x times the recommended clients (devices) on the MX67 and MX100 with zero issues. I think that number really is more for "if you turn on every single feature and max out the layer 7 rules, this is how many clients we support". I always go with the VPN tunnel limit as my benchmark for which size Meraki to get for spoke sites, especially if the Meraki is just a dumb tunnel.
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Re: MX64 - Transparent Mode limitations

@General-Zod The 50 client recommendation is the officially supported value. I have seen many clients using MXs with more than 100 clients working with no issues. That being said, optimal performance is not guaranteed (but very well be possible) when the client count exceeds the recommended limit. I hope this helps.





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Re: MX64 - Transparent Mode limitations

You should at least use the much faster MX67.


It is also not just a matter of the amount of CPU punch but the amount of RAM required to do the client tracking.


I imagine the lost productivity with 200 clients could be quite large.  I wouldn't personally want to put one of my customers into a situation where it intermittently did not work well.


Go for the MX84, and you wont have any problems - and the users will have a great experience all of the time.

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