MX 84/5 Appliances Uplink to WAN switches

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MX 84/5 Appliances Uplink to WAN switches

Hi Everyone,


I have a customer who wants to look at a design that uses WAN switches to terminate their ISP circuits, and wants to use Meraki. I wanted to know if uplinking MX 84/5 appliances to WAN switches (that will be purely layer 2) is something that anyone has seen ? Or if this is advisable ?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It should work fine. Can be used for connecting mx warm spares for example,if you have multiple public addresses. 


But If its just to connect 1 mx and nothing else i would not use a wan switch.

Kind of a big deal

I do this in nearly all installations with multiple MX and/or multiple WAN devices (often a Cisco ASA is also added for extranet VPNs).

Works as expected. But I would not use Meraki Switches for this. My choices are Catalyst1000-8 or CBS350-8.

With Meraki Switches you need to put them in a different Dashboard network so that you don't mess up your client statistics.

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