Google and related service blocking by MX 250 Firewall

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Google and related service blocking by MX 250 Firewall

I am suddenly facing problem to browse google from my office network and when users trying google it says connection time out and check proxy and firewall setting.


I checked some blocked traffic from logs which indicated content filtering policy (Proxy avoidance and Anonymize) blocking those traffic to resolve so I removed Proxy avoidance and Anonymize it for short time to check google services and found page is not working but gmail and some other google service is working.


So I bring back Proxy avoidance and Anonymize as it was and tried bellow white listing which does not work. Any one please advice how I can move forward to find quick but secure solution?



Getting noticed

Try changing your "*" in the allow list to just "".  I had an issue where someone here tried to block by adding * to the blocked URL list and it did not work, I had to use "" to get it to work.  I assume the allow list works the same way.




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