Exclude some clients from site to site VPN

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Exclude some clients from site to site VPN



We have a site to site VPN, both sites with the MX84. We use the VPN in office A to navigate to internet through office B, since we have internet restrictions in point A. There are some clients that can't open some local websites because of the VPN. The question is, if there is a setting, rule or something in the Meraki that could allow me to exclude some specific clients from using the VPN a the A office??? From a list of 50 clients on the network, i need to exclude 8 clients from using the VPN, so they could use the local internet. Any idea?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You need to be real careful talking about subverting Chinese law in public forum ...


I wont say it is impossible, but it will be difficult to do what you ask.

I know it is a sensitive topic, but I needed to explain because people ask me every time why I want to do all this... so I wanted to make it clear from the beginning. Also we are an Embassy, and I can tell you is kind of different for us, we are not subverting any law... but that is another story.


Any idea how to begin?? 

Kind of a big deal

Create a new VLAN on the Site A MX and do not have that subnet participate in S2S VPN. Put the clients that should be using local Internet into the new VLAN. 


Thanks, I'm exploring this option with some of my clients!!

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