Duplicating clients name and IP address of a server

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Duplicating clients name and IP address of a server

We have two firewalls connected to one L2 switch that is connected to our 2 ISP.


The 2 ISP have a separate VLAN to separate their outbound traffic. ISP 1 VLAN is 1000 and ISP 2 VLAN is 2000. Port 1 of the L2 switch is connected to ISP 1 and port 2 is connected to ISP 2. Port 4 and 6 of the L2 switch are connected to both WAN 1 port of the 2 firewalls, with VLAN number 1000. While ports 3 and 5 are connected to the WAN 2 port of the 2 firewalls with VLAN 2000. 


I believe the firewall is configured with VRRP. We are just wondering why port 4 has a 2 IP and duplicates one of the client's names and IP address of our server. Can anybody help us with this?


Thank you.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Is this an MX warm spare configuration?

Yes it is.

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