Aws Vmx can't reach the cisco dashboard

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Aws Vmx can't reach the cisco dashboard

Hi all , 

I have deployed a vmx instance from my AWS account , the instance is working properly and join internet.

However is impossible to reach the meraki dashborad with the message :



From Aws All my vpc and security groups sounds good 



Someone already met this problem ?



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Is it deployed in an AWS VPC with a subnet that has a default route to an AWS IGW?


The security group would allow it to communicate out but you have to make sure the routing is configured inside AWS.



Hi @Anonymous  , 

Thank you for the answer, I think it is my instance is able to reach internet.

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Have you followed the setup guide?


"The authentication token must be entered into the AWS Cloud instance within one hour of generating it, otherwise a new token must be generated." Has the authentication token been added to your vMX instance? If not you may have to go through the process to re-add it.

Hi @Anonymous , 

Yes I have followed tge guide , and finally we discover the issue was related to ec2 size. For VMX-L is mandatory to run on m5-xlarge.

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