AnyConnect failure on the MX

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AnyConnect failure on the MX

Every couple of weeks without explanation AnyConnect, being run off of our MX400, will stop working and drop all connections also disallowing new connections until the MX is rebooted. Has anyone else had this happen to them before? We have put in several meraki support tickets but they do not have an answer for us. There is no visible indicators that it is not working and we do not know it is in error until users begin to report it. In the logs there is no failure events for AnyConnect. 

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I had this issue on an MX84, or one that sounds the same where the clients could not authenticate and it would have to be restarted if I wanted to immediately resolve it, otherwise, it seemed to start working again on its own if I let it sit. It was only one of my MX84's that had this issue, but it happens to be the one with the most VPN clients. Touch-wood, the issue went away when I upgraded to 16.7 on that one. What release are you on? 

Our MX is on 16.9

I had to roll the two I upgraded back to 16.7 because 16.9 broke the certificate. 

We will definitely have to try that to see if makes a difference. Our certificate appears to be good on 16.9 but I can give it a go! Thanks!

It doesn't look like this was our issue. We had the certificate problem when we first upgraded to 16.9 but disabling and reenabling anyconnect fixed the issue for us. 

You lucked out, the certificate issue is a known bug with 16.9/16.10 per the release notes. Disabling it/re-enabling it did not help with my units.


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