Ability to Add a Wireless LTE Router to Z3 LAN Port for Cellular Failover?

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Ability to Add a Wireless LTE Router to Z3 LAN Port for Cellular Failover?

On a Z3, can I use one of it's LAN ports to connect a wireless LTE router for cellular failover?  Or can we convert a LAN port to WAN port to connect the wireless LET router for cellular failover? 

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Sadly, no to both those questions. 

Thanks jdsilva.  I'm assuming it's the same limitation for the MX64x and MX67's, having 1xGB WAN port each.  I will have to go to a MX68 to get the 2xGB, RJ45 WAN ports, and use the second interface to connect the external cellular modem for failover.  Appreciate your support on this!

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Nope! That's not true for the MX64/67 and MX100. On those models you can convert a LAN port to become a 2nd WAN port. But it's always one specific port for each model.

That's great.  Even better.  Where can I find documentation on converting them from LAN to WAN?  

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Friends, on the Z3C LTE backup, if there's no LTE coverage, can we configure the USB for 4G coverage instead? 

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