AWS VPN Redundancy without vMX

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AWS VPN Redundancy without vMX

Is there a way to do this? Have multiple sites connect to the Same VPC? It appears not, but figured I'd ask as I know there are some wizards around here.

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I would think you could configure an AWS hardware VPN as redundancy to the vMX, but I've never tried it.

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If your sites have static IP addresses, you can use the Amazon VPC VPN Gateway service.

Thanks both of you for the replies, it appears neither option will exactly work in my scenario. May just have to get the customer to get a vMX.


You can do this with a dual tunnel Cohesive Network VN3 router.  The have a special offering and configuration for your exact setup.  We use it for our clients and it works really well.  License is considerably cheaper than vMX.

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