3 Hubs and 37 spokes ?

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3 Hubs and 37 spokes ?

Afternoon all,


Currently almost coming to an end of  Meraki migration form 881s.


MY site are divided by 3 main location that have AD servers and call manager at each HQ.


Site A -mx 84 has about 17 mx 64 sites to include is HQ2. Has MPLS not in use. Currently in spoke

Site B - mx100 has about 10 mx64 sites to include it HQ1. Has MPLS in use to connect to site c

Site C - mx84 has about 13-mx64 sites to include its HQ3. Has MPLS has MPLS to connect site A


All 3 sites have fail over WANS, each spoke has either a dual fail WAN or USB Modem for fail over or both.


Currently Site B is Only a HUB. Would it be best for each site to be their own hub and have with their remote site as spokes or should i make site Site C/A as spoke also to connect to Site A Hub or am i looking at at Hub and spoke the worng way. What would be the best way to go about this. 


We are pulling SG200, 300, some 500 out and replacing them with Unifi PoE switching and our site B will have 2 XG 16 connecting multiple VM server host and synology server ,and another xg16 for connecting all swithces. Only issue i have ran into are some UDP dropps, but they might be another issue unless the mx100 is having issue. Voip is working find but some backups are failing to transfer to site C.






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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes I would make those three sites hubs.  Otherwise the phones will have to route their traffic via SiteB even if they are not attaching to the call manager at that site.

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