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People Count with Direction

Getting noticed

People Count with Direction

It would be really useful, especially within retail to show people count but with direction of entry vs. exit.


At the moment we are obviously seeing total count, which in some cases can be very confusing especially when a door entry can show 8000+ entries yet most utilised time would show the more accurate measure.



Meraki Employee

Re: People Count with Direction

Hi @Priesty This can be accomplished using MV Sense. On a very high level, the MV Sense API gives you access to a subsequent feed of the objects (person) and their location within the frame of a camera. Using this, you can determine directionality. 

You can get more information on MV Sense our Developer Portal. Or, find MV Sense solutions (as well as solutions using other Meraki APIs) built by our technology partners on the Marketplace

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