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Meraki Heat-mapping

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Meraki Heat-mapping

Good day


Could you please advise if meraki Z3-HW can do heat-mapping?


Your assistance is highly appreciated.

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Re: Meraki Heat-mapping

i dont have one but i think it does only location analytics like a mx-w

Kind of a big deal

Re: Meraki Heat-mapping

The Z3 is an MX unit not a MV Camera. You have posted in the MV section of the forum, what are you wanting to do exactly?

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Getting noticed

Re: Meraki Heat-mapping

I am sorry i thought i posted under security firewalls.

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Re: Meraki Heat-mapping

   Hello, the Z3 is an MX device that also acts as an AP, but like other MXs devices, that has a similar concept (MX64W and MX65W), if you have it in a networtk with other MR devices, it does not participate with them to build the heat map you can see within the Wireless/Monitor/Location Heatmap, neither integrates to the Wireless configuration settings, it has an independent WIFI configuration.

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