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Camera stream same LAN?


Camera stream same LAN?

We are looking at these to migrate to for our onsite 24hr security staff. They will need to Live monitor a number of cams over our fiber WAN. Documentation states the stream is routed directly to the monitor if viewing on same LAN? They will be on a segmented VLAN not on the same subnet. Will the stream still route locally?

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Re: Camera stream same LAN?

I'm not 100% sure on this one.


When the camera checks into the cloud it's private IP address will be NATed to the public IP address of the Internet router.

When the user views the Meraki portal their private IP address will be NATed to the public IP address of the Internet router.


If in both of those cases it is the same public IP address the system assumes they are both on the same private network, and the stream will go directly from the camera to the user.

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Re: Camera stream same LAN?

All that is required is an IP route between the requesting client and the camera. They do not need to be in the same subnet or VLAN as they do not use a broadcast or multicast protocol for discovery. Dashboard knows the IP address of both the client and camera. For your deployment to work you will need a layer 3 device to make sure there is an IP route between the subnets.

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Re: Camera stream same LAN?

I was told day before last at a Meraki event in Spokane the following is required for Direct Streaming.


1.  Endpoint and MV are behind the same NAT device.

2.  The endpoint has an IP route to the private IP of the MV.

3.  There must not be any layer 3 firewall rules that block interVLAN routing between the endpoint subnet and the MV subnet.  


Direct Streaming can also happen when the endpoint is either on the LAN or connected via VPN.


If the stream is taking place via the Cloud proxy, you will see a cloud symbol in the bottom left hand corner of the video feed window.