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A log of who is watching a camera

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A log of who is watching a camera

I need to get a log of people that has access to the camera and see if they look at a video.


This is because the camera is in public place at work and we are not allowed to monitor. Just watch it in case of theft or other circumstances

Kind of a big deal

Re: A log of who is watching a camera

Hmm I don't think that's possible.


Just an idea... What you could do is the following:

  • Put the camera's in a separate organisation
  • Set a low idle timeout on it in Organization > Settings
  • Use the Organization > Login Attempts information for accountability
  • You could even have separate admins per network in it for more detailed info.

The problem with this is still that to check whether someone logged in, you'd have to login with the organization wide account, which in turn means that admin could watch camera imagery while supposedly checking the login attempts.


Maybe someone else has a better idea. But definitely make a wish and get contact with your sales rep to get it in as a formal feature request.

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Re: A log of who is watching a camera



At the present stage, I think that can't it.



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Re: A log of who is watching a camera

I don't saw any information about camera utilization in carmera-event-log. But you can create administrators only for camera utilization and you can see the account logins in login attempts


Unbenannt-1.jpgEvent-LogUnbenannt-2.jpgLogin attempts

Unbenannt-3.jpgCamera only permission

Meraki Employee

Re: A log of who is watching a camera

This is not possible today but is on our long term development list. Thank you for the feedback, it is helpful to hear additional customer demand for this type of feature.

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