Meraki Go Router Firewall blocking gaming laptop connection

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Meraki Go Router Firewall blocking gaming laptop connection

Hello everyone,

I'm currently having issues connecting my gaming laptop [] to the internet through my Meraki Go Router Firewall. I've tried various troubleshooting methods, but nothing seems to be working, and I'm hoping to get some advice on how to resolve this problem.

Firstly, my gaming laptop is connected to the router through a wired connection, and I've verified that the Ethernet cable is functioning correctly. However, when I try to access any online gaming platform or website, the connection times out, and I'm unable to establish a stable connection.

I've checked the router's firewall settings, and I suspect that it may be blocking the gaming traffic. However, I'm not sure how to modify the firewall rules to allow the traffic through. I've tried disabling the firewall entirely, but the issue persists.

I've searched online and found that some other users have reported similar issues with the Meraki Go Router Firewall, and suggested that it may be related to the port settings or NAT configurations. However, I'm not familiar with these technical details, and I'm not sure how to modify them correctly.

I'm hoping that someone here has some experience with this problem and can provide some advice or guidance. Is there any specific settings or configurations that I can modify to allow gaming traffic through the Meraki Go Router Firewall? Are there any known compatibility issues between the firewall and gaming laptops that I should be aware of?

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.

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Hello @judywatson 


I've run into a similar problem. First here's what a MerakiGo-tech told me about port-settings on the GX: 


"A trunk port is a type of connection on a switch that is used to connect a guest virtual machine that is VLAN aware. All Routers and switches connect via a trunk port. Access Ports are configured for your client devices such as PCs and Printers."


So I assume you try to connect your gaming laptop thru a trunk-port.


Meraki Go Router Firewall / Router Firewall Plus Switch Ports - Cisco Meraki you can find some information here.


You can Configure the VLAN for each port if needed. To change the setting find Advanced Settings on the Ports Detail tap. If the port is on Trunk try to change it to Access. Should look like that in the end.

setting 3.png

Hope this helps



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