success story with meraki

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success story with meraki

hi all ,

from my little experience with meraki i believe that meraki is awesome product which will make huge changes in not only the network infrastructure but also on the engineers infrastructure 😄 

so i need from all of you to share with us any success story or good experince with Meraki 



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Kind of a big deal

I mean way back when we had all ProCurve and since we went Meraki (before Cisco) I kind of forgotten anything before that lol. Easy transition when we swapped out the ap's and switches took about 1 week to swap out 2 campuses. Since then we now have MX-MR-MS-MV units and have never looked back.


meraki is an Idea and user mentality regardeless it is under cisco umbrella or not so  i got interested when i knew that you are meraki user before being under cisco umbrella



Kind of a big deal

I work at a VAR/MSP combo. We have dozens of clients with Meraki equipment.


Do you know how much time it saves us to not have to manually update software...? I'm getting ready to do Cisco equipment at a client, and it's taken me a couple hours just to verify existing firmware, get the new recommended firmware, transfer it to the client's network, and book an outage.


Meanwhile, updating all the MX to 14.x was about an hour of checking firmware and scheduling updates for 3am.

i tried meraki and i saw the time i saved and man power resources i saved

manage your network every where any time without any commands  realy amazing

The big success story for me is being able to have all of the equipment configured before its even in the country!


When it arrives I simply have to unbox, asset tag and install. 

this is the  amazing meraki

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