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Why can't Meraki Support engineer call you ??

Getting noticed

Why can't Meraki Support engineer call you ??

 When you ring support they take you number and will call you back if you get cut off.


If you log a case via the web, Meraki Support will NOT call you  and ask you to call in.  You supply the case number when you ring but you never get connected to the correct support engineer..  The engineer you get can not transfer you and you have to explain all again to the new engineer.


To make matters worse i was working with engineer today for 1.5 hours  and then was told their shift was over and she would transfer to someone else and then had to explain all again  and then wait 40 min for them to get up to speed with the issue.   Why can they not just ring me back when they have the issue sorted and not waist my time on hold ?


Please allow Meraki support engineers  to be able to call you.

Getting noticed

Re: Why can't Meraki Support engineer call you ??

I got a shock today Meraki Called me, but it was to tell me they were going on leave and the case was going to another support person. Looks like I have to start again ! Some times it is so hard to get through the Meraki Support firewall. I do understand why Meraki do this they do not want all cases going to the developers if they are not bugs and they want to be able to reproduce. I fully understand and respect this, but with this current case I have spent over 15 hours now trying to prove to meraki they have a bug. I do not get paid to do this how could I charge a customer 15 hours to prove to meraki their device has a bug. (I expected 1 hour at most especially with the level of detail I sent.) If the software engineer that looks after MX64 DHCP Server wants to get a head start check CASE 04855962 it will be coming your way when I get a port open in the Meraki Support Firewall 🙂 Partner that help Meraki fix bugs should get Swag !
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