Anyone at Cisco proofreading new publications? MR45 & MR55 page needs love

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Anyone at Cisco proofreading new publications? MR45 & MR55 page needs love

Can't find a webmasters address anywhere, so I guess I'll drop this here. This new(ish) page for these devices has several simple errors that should be addressed.


Under "Configuration," 3.a. says: "Connect the RJ45 ports to existing infrastructure to provide power and an uplinl"

Should say "uplink


Under "Context and Comparisons," 5th row has "Radios" described as: "2x 2.4 GHz and x2 5 GHz"

Should be: "2x 2.4 GHz and 2x 5 GHz"

This problem is across both units.


Under "Physical," the "Weight" row for the MR55 says: "35.27 oz (1 kb)"

Should say: "35.27 oz (1 kg)"


Under "Troubleshooting," the "Amber" row has a description that ends in a period. None of the other descriptions end with a period. There's not multiple sentences in the description, so it shouldn't be any different.


And that's where I stopped. Sure, the last one is a bit nit-picky, and could easily happen. Not judging, just hoping someone who can fix comes upon this post. I just happened on these, and think the page could really use a thorough review.


Edit: Found one more, but I am betting I missed some, as this one was obvious and I was only skimming the remainder of the document:

Under "Tx/Rx Tables | 2.4 GHz," row "2.4 GHz," with Operating Mode "802.11ac," at data rate "MCS9" has just the number "20" under "TX Power" without any units.

Should be: "20 dBm"

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I feel a job coming up for @CameronMoody  ...

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi @InfinityDrop ,


Thanks for the corrections. I cleaned up all your suggestions and a few other typos. I'm going to have the editors responsible for this page take another look and we'll revise their work more carefully in the future.


Cheers, thank you.

Cameron Moody | Product Manager, Cisco Meraki

@CameronMoody Thanks, and happy to help! =D

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