Meraki Security subscription vs opendns home version

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Meraki Security subscription vs opendns home version

I have had a opendns home version account for years.


just recently purchased he  meraki security gateway and 2 meraki APs


the meraki security gateway documentation and software notes discusses the optional meraki security subscription which uses cisco umbrella (formally opendns).    


the functional features of the meraki security subscription and opendns appear to be identical.


the only difference I see is that the  meraki security subscription basically integrates the management of cisco umbrella into the meraki app and website.    vs for the openDNS, you have to go to openDNS website to manage your settings and review stats on the vulnerability aspect of your settings to your network.


am I missing any other features that the meraki go security subscription provides that opendns does no provide?



Kind of a big deal

If you already have an Umbrella subscription - use that.  It's cheaper than buying the Meraki version with Umbrella bundled in.

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