Group Policy in MX95 Meraki not working-Case 07869610

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Group Policy in MX95 Meraki not working-Case 07869610

We have logged Case 07869610 but there is no response. We are struggling in getting support for meraki firewall configuration. We are unable to apply group policy. The defualt content filtering policy is working but under group policy if we create the new groups after applying it is not working. There is some serious issue in Meraki Firewall applications on cloud and we are not getting the support in India. Kindly help us to resolve the various such issues we are facing.

Kind of a big deal

Hi, can you share your group policy configuration? Are you applying the group policy directly to the client or VLAN?

@WAAREEThe issue was solved?

Kind of a big deal

@WAAREE : I knew you may check this document below

  but can you share the snapshot what you configured on your side please

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Kind of a big deal

If I understand correctly, you are creating a group policy in the dashboard and then applying it to a client in the dashboard.  Is that correct?

Are you doing this for a WiFi or wired user?  If a WiFi user, is the SSID in bridge mode?  If you are trying to create custom content filtering (which is done on the MX) then the MX will need to be able to see the actual machine (so the SSID would need to be in bridged mode).


Most of the configuration settings don't take effect immediately.  They take effect on new flows.  If this is a WiFi user, you can disconnect and then re-connect to WiFi.


If the issue is with content filtering you could consider enabling "Full List" under the content category list. 

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