complete newbie questions


complete newbie questions

Hello everyone.


Have inherited some meraki gear and also looking at a new setup.


We have an mpls network and one site is connected via an mx80.


We have a new site soon and are looking at meraki switches.  Do you need to have an mx device?  ie can you just have switches going out to the mpls?  if so can you still do vlanning and dhcp etc?

thanks and sorry if dumb questions

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MX device not required. We have Meraki switches and a Juniper SRX1500 gateway. (We are looking at switching the Juniper for an MX in the future.)


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In addition you need just to make sure that the Meraki Switches can communicat with the Meraki Cloud...means you need an internet breakout and if there is some firewall in place you maid need to open some ports.

See the following documentation:

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Robort you can use just MS switches but be aware that routing via VLAN interfaces starts at the MS210 and being able to serve IP addresses via DHCP starts from the MS250.


The other thing to think about is that you cannot set a rate limit on an MS port, so of your MPLS is busy then an MX (or other vendors equivalent) would probably be a better option for the MPLS edge connection.

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