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WIFI calling

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WIFI calling



I recently installed my test stack of meraki gear and I cant seem to get WIFI calling to work on my mobile devices.  All devices (mobile phones, laptops, TVs, tablets, IoT devices, etc) are connected to the meraki WIFI SSID successfully.


WIFI calling was working fine when using the WIFI directly through my ISP cable modem.  But I cannot get it to work with the meraki in place.


I am using an MX64 appliance, MS120 switch, and MR33 AP.  I am basically using default settings at this point and havent enabled any traffic shaping, filters, ACLs, etc.


I honestly do not know the technical side of how WIFI calling works on mobile devices.  I am assuming it is SIP traffic but do not know much else regarding WIFI calls.


Any help or tips is appreciated.  Thank you



Head in the Cloud

Re: WIFI calling

does it work from a device connected to the switch?

ap in bridge mode?

you running a pbx or cloud hosted?


Kind of a big deal

Re: WIFI calling

Have you tried rebooting your phone ?