"Stuck" O365 Exchange Profiles on iOS

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"Stuck" O365 Exchange Profiles on iOS

I work for an agency of about 600 users and have used Meraki as our MDM solution back to a time when it was initially free.  Over the years we've had changes to our environment, the latest was a migration from on-prem Exchange to O365.  Meraki changes were made for the mail profile and we were in business.


"Something" happened last week that caused all of the O365 mail profiles to get re-pushed - and this was on 3x seperate profiles in 3x separate networks in Meraki.  It certainly wasn't something I did but that's another topic for another day.


So the O365 mail profile gets pushed to 600 plus iOS devices and I'd say 10% of them had a problem re-applying the O365 mail profile - because the old one didn't actually get removed.  We're talking about reapplying the exact same profile here.  What happens is there ends up being two O365 mail profiles that are exactly the same, the "stuck" profile which should have been removed to be reapplied and the updated one.


We're talking native iOS mail, calendar and contacts here.  I know about Outlook and how much better it is, but we have users who just prefer to use the native apps.


My question to this group is, does anyone have any idea how to delete or remove these "stuck" mail profiles because the only option I have currently is a wipe of the device - which isn't going over well.


Cheers, Gary

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Re: "Stuck" O365 Exchange Profiles on iOS

Check this link



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