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Windows 10 App Installation

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Windows 10 App Installation

I've been using Meraki for a little while now (like a month) and it works great with anything Apple. I've have a different experience with the Windows machines (laptops and desktops). My issue is particularly with app installation. The apps I try to install often get errors and do not install at all, or if I come back to the machine after 24 hours it may have installed. The experience is very different to the Apple product experience which has been very responsive and snappy. Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding these issues, is this just something systems manager struggles with?

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Re: Windows 10 App Installation

@Jame  Apple has been working on remote management for a long time and works with MDM developers. I get the feeling that Microsoft is a wee bit behind. I haven't tried administering windows device using SM however sicne Meraki support it I would log a support case and see if they can figure whats going wrong.



Also IMHO the logs for SM are not helpful one bit when it comes to troubleshooting, I have often seen the logs simply report "error" 


Good luck!

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Re: Windows 10 App Installation

Personally, I feel the Meraki MDM support for Windows 10 is weak.  I have had lots of issues.  I haven't seen any MDM announcements around Windows 10 for a long long time.

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