Mobile Device Management

New here

Mobile Device Management

Hello at all... i'm new and i send you a lot of greetings from Switzerland


I'm the Admin from a NG-Organisation.... and we use Meraki Devices.

Into my Dashboard i see the "Mobile Device Management" and i found 20 Licences....


But i don't find a Workshop or Course to learn this tool.


If anyone here ther knows a institut that offers this?


it must be in Switzerland, i prefer Zurich


...and sorry about my english 😕

Kind of a big deal



I'm not sure that they have a actual course on it but you can look at this for anything you need to know. Hope this helps. 


Kind of a big deal

You could try finding a Webinar on Systems Manager to learn more about it.

Kind of a big deal

@PSZH-Admin Welcome to the Forums, I suggest in your dashboard you go to the "Help" menu and Select "Get Help" once that page loads you will see contact details for your Meraki sales rep. I would get in touch with them and ask if they can recommend any local companies that might be able to support you.


Otherwise feel free to ask away in the forums. 

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