IPads Turning off at Login - 1 user of 7


IPads Turning off at Login - 1 user of 7


I have SM Meraki installed on 7 ipads and I have 7 users. All users should be able to log into any ipad without any issue and this was the case until today. Now, when 1 user tries to login, the IPad shuts off. This occurs no matter what IPad the user tries to log into, which leads me to think this is a Meraki issue, not an IPad issue. This user, has logged into the ipads before and did not have any issues. I have tried re-imaging the ipad's and had the user log into the newly re-imaged IPad and the same thing happened. I had another user log into the IPad and the user was fully able to log in and complete the SM setup. If anyone has any advice, please pitch in!!



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

That is a goody!


Does the user have any tags assigned to them different from the other users (which could be triggering differing profiles or apps)?

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