[FEATURE REQUEST] - Auto Tags device type by model

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[FEATURE REQUEST] - Auto Tags device type by model

Hello guys,


I would like to share my thoughts with the community about a new feature request.


Since there are many different use cases (and even Apps) with iPhones and iPads, it would be great to have auto tagging by device model (or more detailed device type) like "iPhone" "iPad".


This would save even some more clicks in System Manager. For now we need to manually assign tags like "Company_iPad" or "Company_iPhone"

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This initially sounds cool, but then when I reflect I can't think of a use case.  What could you use this to do?

At first there are Apps, that aren't designed for both device types and never will be, because they have workflows which fit only with an iPhone or iPad, but you are still able to install them on both platforms.


Or you buy an App for your users and want them only to use the App on an iPad


Or maybe you want different restrictions for iPad users and iPhone users.


There are several scenarios where this would be helpful, without the need in managing these types manually.




I would use this all the time. As a school, we buy our devices annually, so there's typically a lineage of devices by year. For example, this year, all the faculty laptops are MacBook Air 9,1. Our IT office has (2) MacBook Pro 16,1 and one MacBookPro 16,2. 


At inventory time, it's great to see where different devices are, and which ones will be supported by new OS upgrades (and which ones won't). Being able to search that is really useful.


Currently, that's our naming convention so we can locate quickly. {type}{model}{last 3 of asset tag}. So, mbpro141482 is easily identifiable as a 14th generation MacBook Pro, 13" model with asset tag ending in 482.

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