Devices that are not communicating with Meraki

Getting noticed

Devices that are not communicating with Meraki

Hi there,


I've noticed a disconcerting trend on the historic devices onboarded with Meraki.

We see the below on a large portion of our devices with no way to specifically single them out to deal with the issue.


I'm not sure if there's a relationship but out of the 110/170 MacBook devices we have, they do not seem to be fully communicating properly with Meraki.


One example is you could push an app install and they do not respond. It will sit in pending state indefinitely. 


Or for example changing company-wide Meraki agent minimum version, only about 60 out of the 170 devices actually does the update, and this we waited about a month to see through.


Does this mean we have to go back to re-enroll 110 devices manually?


Screenshot 2022-09-02 at 14.51.51.png

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Getting noticed

The below error is very common and occurs more often that not with new reinstalls of MacBooks. Sometimes can be resolved by simply removing ADE device settings and re-adding them but alot of time we need to reinstall the entire MacBook OS to successfully pass this setup without error.



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