Devices not communicating with Meraki

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Devices not communicating with Meraki

Most of our SM devices sicne about 2 weeks ago stopped communicating with the cloud. Is anyone else having similar issues before I start diving deeper into this. 



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Kind of a big deal

Is everything ok on the certificate side (with Apple)? What happens if you send a mass check-in command?

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@jared_f I suspect its a content filtering issue, we have just installed a new box. Only devices going through this box seem to be affected. 


My computer and our iOS devices are all fine as they run through different gateways. 


Thanks for your suggestion. 

Ok its not a content filtering issue, looking into it a bit more some devices are reporting in fine and others are not. I cannot find a pattern as the OS is the same for most devices and they way they are all connected to the network is a the same i.e. wired with same IP range.


I have allowed all of the ports as mentioned in the Kbase. One thing that is odd is that it needs from 993 which is normally used for IMAP.


I have uninstalled agent and reinstalled it to no avail.


I have opened a ticket but support have just replied asking me to call them which isn't helpful.

Ok I have found a pattern, It ONLY affects Mac OS devices, Windows and iOS devices operate normally. It also only affects devices which were setup using the agent installer rather than going to 


Support weren't helpful at all, the guy I spoke to didn't know Mac's very well. It seems if I register the devices using they then start workign again.


Not sure whats changed, I provided log files but support seemed stumped. 

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