[Bug]: Search Filter with Autotag Windows Device showing Macs

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[Bug]: Search Filter with Autotag Windows Device showing Macs




On MDM > Device list > Search 


Autotag Windows is showing also macs !


Anyone with same problem ?



Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 09.41.56.png

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I don't have any PCs in my environment at the moment to try to replicate it. However is it possible that there are some Mac devices that have been BootCamped? Maybe the search is finding the Windows OS, then the dashboard is looking at the MAC address and reporting it as a Mac?

No unfortunately , no boot camp cannot be this .


when I go to tag and select auto tag windows device it’s correct .


seems like both don’t have same source of information for filtering .


device autotag is based on Mac Address ?

tag autotag based on OS ?


Thank you all 


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