App deployment on iOS devices

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App deployment on iOS devices

All of our devices are enterprise-owned, and are full auto enrolled via DEP/ADE and thus supervised.


Are most of you asking staff for their Apple ID and performing User assignment VPP apps? Or are you choosing to go the Device assignment route for VPP apps?


Device assignment was super simple back in the day and then I believe around the iOS 12 timeframe there was a change.


When our users restored from a backup onto a replacement device. Then the device assigned apps that were deployed via VPP were greyed out and had a little cloud download icon that did nothing when you tapped it. Essentially the apps were still tied to the previously backed up device's serial. So we were having to instruct users to manually delete those apps that were stuck, and then we would have to re-push them.


I'm curious if this is different in an iOS 14 era and what other companies are doing for their workflow so to speak.

Kind of a big deal

@KevinT  It really depends on yoursetup, if you have staff that all have different apps I would go user licensing however if you just provide a base set of apps that are the same for all staff then device licensing is much easier.


In regard to your issue with licensing getting stuck on old devices you can use the below button.


Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 8.02.31 AM.png

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Base set of apps for different job roles.

VPP device is what we used to do, but ran into issues when the users received replacement devices. They would restore from their iCloud backup and all of the VPP apps failed to reinstall. (They had a download cloud icon and were grey…tapping them did nothing…they had to be deleted and re-pushed)


Do you know if the restore behavior is still the same in iOS 14.x? What is the workflow you use for device replacements? We just tag the new device the exact same as their prior device had, before they open it from the box. 

When are you clicking the revoke unknown licenses button? After they restore and see the apps that have failed?

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