Android AppConf setting of type BundleArray not working

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Android AppConf setting of type BundleArray not working



Trying to maintain settings for a specific Android app (Mobisys MSB App). One of the parameters is of type "BundleArray", as shown below:




But when trying to add this parameter, there is no way to enter any data into this parameter, the field "Type" is blank and no input field appears:




Is this a bug in Meraki? This is supposedly working on other MDM tools, as we have been told by the app supplier.


Any input appreciated!



Kind of a big deal

That does look like a bug or rather limitation in the GUI. I think it's probably best to open a support case for that to see if this is a known limitation.

I too have a few apps that do not show bundled settings.  I think they basically need to add support for OEMConfig.  I was going to put in a feature request for it today since I didn't see much out there on it.  


Not many EMM's have this enabled for Android at this moment.  Actually, they don't have it for iOS either, but I suspect the apps published this past month will provide the impetus for them to get the api's loaded soon.  





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