Additional Licenses Issue

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Additional Licenses Issue

Morning All,

Wondering if anyone can help please? We have enjoyed the 100 free SM licenses for the last couple of years and used them well. We are a growing business so have purchased additional licenses.

On claiming the additional licenses this morning I had a warning message stating that adding them would make our system non-compliant as it would essentially reset our counter back to 0 and add the new licenses from there.

Spoke to support who have advised me that the free licenses cannot be combined so I now have to purchase 100 plus my additional, which really screws my budgets for this quarter.

I have yet to fully complete the claim, so I guess I could return them. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Can't help it's a little bit naughty.

Kind of a big deal

Did not had this "problem" so far, but to be honest, it sounds legit.


BUT your sales resp may can handle it and can do something. Mostly they can fix issues like that. 

I would recomment to talk to him/her.

Kind of a big deal

@RCaldicott I would check with sales rep. and check if they can assist you with this. 

Head in the Cloud

Unsure what we can say here..."they" are watching 😁

This is correct behaviour.


When you buy SM licences they replace all free/demo SM licences.


So if you have 100 free licences and need to connect 150 devices you have to buy 150 licences.

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