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Remove deleted apps from the dashboard overview


Remove deleted apps from the dashboard overview

When an app is delete from the app list in the system manager (SM - apps) the app will be deleted from all the devices which have the specific app installed. This is working perfectly. 

But in the dashboard overview, the app is still listed. Even when I try to remove it, the system tells that the app isn't no longer on the device but the dashboard is still mentioning the app. When you check on the device (SM app), the app is still listed in the managed apps. (Installation isn't possible because no rights). What is going wrong? 


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Re: Remove deleted apps from the dashboard overview

@PhilipDAth  i've simulated this on my dashboard as well. 

Have you seen anything like this with your clients perhaps? 


Cheers! Ben! 

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Re: Remove deleted apps from the dashboard overview

I suspect this might be related to the way the Apple iStore and the Google Play store work.


Forget Systems Manger for the moment.


If you install and app onto your phone, and then delete it, and then go into the relevant store it stills shows you have the app, just not installed.

I think this is to handle the situation when someone pays for the app, and they get a licence.  Deleting the app from your phone does not delete your licence.  You can then re-install what you have purchased at a later time.


So that is my guess,

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Re: Remove deleted apps from the dashboard overview

Thanks for the feedback!


This is something I was thinking as well. That the Playstore sees this as a App you have in your account.

In the part you can unauthorize the app and after doing this it dissappeared on the device (huawei). 


So I think we have to manually remove the app from the Google account as well as deleting it from the dashboard.

In the version 2 of the system manager dashboard you can sync AFW apps. When unauthorized the app does not reappear in the dashboard anymore.





Re: Remove deleted apps from the dashboard overview

Hi @PhilipDAth


Thanks for your reply. it's a little bit worser then I ever thought. 

At the moment I deleted an app in the app list of the system manager. It would be normal behavior that the app will be deleted on all the devices enrolled in that network. That's no problem at all, app is deleted. 


In my system manager the app is still mentioned as installed on the device. So not even uninstalled ... . 

No matter what I do (sync, reboot, remove the permissions in the Google PlayStore for Work, ...), the system managers keep saying the app is installed on the device. So at the moment I've seen everything: one time the app is mentioned as uninstalled, another time the app is gone like it has to be, and the last times the app stays mentioned as installed.


On the device the app is long gone ... . 


I'm a little bit desperate. 

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