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Moving DEP and VPP to New Instance

Kind of a big deal

Moving DEP and VPP to New Instance



So after I stupidly deleted my free100 organization, I have finally have a free account (I am working on the licensing issue) ready and replicated with all my configurations and policies. The biggest hurtle to overcome is moving our VPP and DEP over. Here is what I did for VPP:


Went to my VPP account, created new token, uploaded token to Meraki. But, I cannot see my licenses (from the same VPP account I purchased under). Do you have any advice to get those back? It is not a big deal seeing they were all free apps, but it is going to take a bunch of time to purchase, sync, and then do the scoping out.


DEP is my issue currently. I have four devices in there now, one being a tester and the Apple TV which caused me all this havoc. Transferring over user data is my issue. The iCloud backup restores that old Meraki Profile from my previous instance and I have tried using to re-enroll over it, but as expected (I was holding out hope it would work) it did not work. I believe I can restore the backup to the tester iPad and force authentication and DEP to place, then create a backup on that device, and then restore it on the users’ device (clearly Apple makes it complicated not enforcing DEP when going through setup on the same iPad). 


I am really stuck until I figure out the license matter, but thought I would put these questions out there to see if anybody else has run into the DEP and VPP issue! Luckily, the old profile still lives on the other devices, but they are not updating inventory and can't receive apps, profiles, etc.



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Kind of a big deal

Re: Moving DEP and VPP to New Instance

Any chance Apple Configurator would help? It let's you configure some DEP settings. You do need a Mac to use it though.
A model citizen

Re: Moving DEP and VPP to New Instance

ohh great now i am worried , i have a to renew my DEP/VPP tokens soon and we have purchased ALOT of apps for 21 ipads,, 2k worth , We do not use icloud or apple config on any of the ipads 

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