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Legacy SM


Legacy SM

I am using the System Manager Legacy version.  I cannot afford to update. I am applying the Meraki profile but it is installing the PASSCODE function to be on.  I cannot disable the passcode function.


The profile setting is set to "on" in the Enterprise version but I cannot disable it in the Legacy version.


Does anyone have a workaround on this?

Rick Marks
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Re: Legacy SM

My old employer also has the Legacy version. I think Meraki is slowly pushing clients away from that option as I was unable to get some small issues resolved by support until I "upgraded". It was great for those 5 years, but the times are changing.

Are you able to remove the "problem" Profile from the device? I would remove it, make a totally new Profile with the settings you need, then try to install it on the device. Also might be worth taking a look at your Network > Event log to see if anything has been changed by someone else

Re: Legacy SM

Most problems can be fixed with an upgrade.


We are a small rural school, and we depend on federal E-rate funding for our Meraki network. The rules of the funding allow us to purchase Meraki hardware but do not allow us to upgrade the Meraki System Manager.


My complaint is with Meraki's new Enterprise upgrade of April 11th.  The Enterprise version forces the disabling of passcode always being on.


Meraki, please change the default about the in the setting page.


The settings page is crashing my browser. This is also needed to be fixed.


I accept not getting new features but do not disable the Legacy features.

Rick Marks
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