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Legacy SM account - device profiles

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Legacy SM account - device profiles

We are running Meraki with an Legacy SM account to manage our mobile devices. We have 160 networks and I have recently created a new device profile for 159 of them. When I try to deploy a device profile to one of them I get an error message saying "You are using the legacy version of systems manager, many features are unavailable in the legacy version of systems manager ......".

What's strange is that I am doing nothing different here than what I have successfully done for all other 159 networks, it's just this one that will not let me save the new device profile. Does anyone know of a Legacy SM account limitation that I might be experiencing here? This is the type of profile I am creating.


Add New Profile > Device Profile
Targets > All of the following tags > IOS Devices
Add Settings > Certiticate (enter name, upload certificate) > Save



Like I say, fine for 159 networks, fails on 1 of them and I can't figure out why.


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Re: Legacy SM account - device profiles

I'm not aware of a limitation like this.  I'd open a support case with Meraki.

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Re: Legacy SM account - device profiles

@PhilipDAth  He can't theres no support for the legacy version of SM


@CGIUK  The only thing I could think of is maybe there is a limitation on the amount of profiles you can create with legacy. As the Meraki knowledge base doesn't actually spell out the limitations its only a guess.  

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Kind of a big deal

Re: Legacy SM account - device profiles

>@PhilipDAth  He can't theres no support for the legacy version of SM


Not quite true.  If you only have the legacy product and no other paid Meraki products there is no support.


However, as long as you have at least one other Meraki product with an active licence you can use all support channels except phone. 



SM Without Licensing

SM without licensing includes Systems Manager Legacy and the SM Free 100 program. Systems Manager Legacy networks have not received any new features since 3/12/2015, while Free 100 networks have a limit on the number of devices that can be enrolled. These two network types are not eligible for phone support, with the following additional notes:

  • Unlicensed SM users who own Cisco Meraki hardware equipment are eligible for complimentary email support.
  • Unlicensed SM users with no other Cisco Meraki equipment are not eligible for complimentary email support, however, our documentation and SM forum are available for troubleshooting help."
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