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Apple Device Enrollment Program setup


Apple Device Enrollment Program setup

I've setup a couple of test Apple devices using a MacBook and Apple Configurator 2 that I've added to Systems Manager and have deployed for testing.


We've decided to switch from Android to Apple for our cell phones, so I'm setting up DEP in Systems Manager. I've created our Business Manager account, uploaded the Meraki Certificate, downloaded (and uploaded) the Token, and I think I have everything configured.


Now when I look in Manager > DEP I have this message:


DEP server token found, but the default DEP network doesn't exist. Set a new default network on the  Organization > MDM Page.


In only have one Network, and I've selected that as the default. I have 121 Android devices enrolled on the network. has anyone seen this issue before, or think I've missed a step?

Kind of a big deal

Re: Apple Device Enrollment Program setup

Sometimes with the Apple stuff you just need to wait.  Try checking it again in an hour.

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