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ActiveSync profile payload does not populate password on iOS

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ActiveSync profile payload does not populate password on iOS


I have a few iPods sharing/using the same exchange account, these are managed through Meraki MDM, I configured the owner with its email + domain + password, then assigned the devices under this owner. Then configured the ActiveSync "setting" with exchange server, tags and under "User" settings, tried both "Specific user" and "Owner" options. Once all the changes are saved, I'm able to see the account profile in the Mail app and under Settings> Mail > accounts, however, a prompt for the exchange password comes up, I went into the account settings and all the information is there ( Domain, user, exchange server) except for the password field, it is empty.

Is there another detail I'm missing in order to populate the password by using the payload, this way the user does not have to enter a long password, and the password renewal process does not become a headache if I have to manually update it on every device


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