WAN3 Interface in insight on MX64 on WAN Health Page (New and Old Dashboards)

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WAN3 Interface in insight on MX64 on WAN Health Page (New and Old Dashboards)


What is interface  WAN3  on WAN Health Page  (Ready but Down)


I only have  1 Internet interface running on the Internet Port with the WAN 2 not setup  and 320U in USB Slot for 4G backup



What is this WAN3 interface ???



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I wonder if it’s something cosmetic to do with your MX having a cellular connection and thus reports it as WAN 3?


I’ve just checked my dashboard and it’s only reporting WAN1.  I don’t have a second WAN or cellular connection 

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What version firmware and what type of device?    I know there was talk of enabling a WAN3 port to support an extra WAN link, or MG devices for cell backup vs. the USB port cellular modems.


We have MX84's running 16.16, Z3's running a mix of 15.44 and 16.16.3.  All of them only show WAN1, WAN2, and Cellular in insight WAN health.   Here's hoping for a new feature to support WAN3 for large critical sites!     



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