Customized Cisco Meraki Dashboard

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Customized Cisco Meraki Dashboard

I have a couple of questions with Cisco Meraki Dashboard;

1) Can I include customize information I prefer in one of the tabs in Cisco Meraki Dashboard?

2) Can I generate report with information about the status of all WAN link/port status for all the devices in my dashboard?

3) Can I produce dashboard in Cisco Meraki to have a visibility on all WAN link/port status for all devices in my dashboard?

Thank you in advance!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

1-  If the customize includes the addition of information not available on the dashboard then unfortunately it would not be possible. There are limited changes you can do in terms of customizing the dashboard like customizing your summary report.


2- You can with API calls

The only page close to that information on dashboard is Org overview but will not detail the connectivity per WAN


3- Similar to 2nd

only thing close to it is if you go to Org > overview > devices> select the devices by type > add the uplink 1 and 2 column and you can download the report. But it would not give the connectivity. However, you can explore API to get those information

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