Confused by Meraki Z series specs: Gb Wan/Lan vs StateFul Firewall

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Confused by Meraki Z series specs: Gb Wan/Lan vs StateFul Firewall

Just updated 2 locations with 1Gb up/dn Fibre Internet. One location has a Meraki Z1 the other has a Z3 ... the Z series specs suggest they are Gb Wan/Lan devices but confused with the Z1 Stateful Firewall spec as 50Mb and Z3 as 100Mb. Doesn't this mean the Z1 is restricted to 50Mb and the Z3 is restricted to 100Mb?


Am I misunderstanding this spec? Should I be looking to replace these devices on the upgraded 1G Internet connections?

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If you need 1 gig of throughput you need a mx75 at minimum. Everything you need to know is in this doc

Kind of a big deal

The Gig on LAN and WAN are only the interface speeds how you can connect to the network. But that has nothing to do with the power of the device to process packets. Compare it to a PC. My home-server had a Gig-Interface but could transfer packets faster than 1Gig. So I added a 10Gig interface to it. But that didn't make the server faster. Now I can send and receive data at roughly 2,2 GBit/s which relates to the processing speed of the server. But I don't get 10GBit/s what the interface could do.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Also bear in mind what you are expecting the devices to do, there are throughput values for basic traffic, advanced security features and SD-WAN traffic.


For example an MX75 as mentioned by @Ryan_Miles above can manage 1Gbps of basic traffic, but only 500Mbps with advanced security features enabled, or over a VPN connection (client or SD-WAN).

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