Meraki APIs Using Node-RED

Training overview

In our Meraki APIs Using Node-RED course, you'll learn about the power of the Meraki platform and how to enable creative uses of the Meraki APIs.

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What's included

Enroll in every module, or take the ones that are most relevant to you.

  • Introduction Module (30 min)
  • Module 1: Node-RED Introduction and Basic Flows (1 hour)
  • Module 2: Introducing the Meraki Dashboad Node (1 hour 15 min)
  • Module 3: Making and Receiving HTTP Requests (1 hour 40 min)
  • Module 4: Using Functions to Manipulate Data (40 min)
  • Module 5: Building a UI Dashboard for Demos (40 min)

What you'll learn

The modules in this course will enable you to:

  • Explain the benefits that the Meraki API brings to the wider platform
  • Use Node-RED as a tool for exploring and interrogating the dashboard API in real-time
  • Link individual API calls to produce a single desired output
  • Demonstrate the use of Node-RED as a way to integrate the Meraki dashboard with another Cisco product, 3rd party platform or 3rd party cloud service
  • Build and demonstrate a working example to a potential Meraki customer/partner that shows the value of integration of the Meraki platform with 3rd party systems

Who should take part

Anyone with CCNA-level technical knowledge who wants to learn to use the power of Meraki APIs

Program summary

Learn at your own pace in this API training, available in our online learning platform.

  • For anyone interested in using Meraki APIs
  • Intermediate level
  • Self-paced eLearning format
  • 6 hours
  • FREE
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