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dns override

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dns override

Hello friends I have an utm mx 84 and I need a  resolve domain internally for example resolve to the internal ip since that part of the configuration can do this if it can be

im not hacve a windows server or any other dns server 

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Re: dns override

I don't recall the MX routers having any DNS controls other than specifying what DNS server(s) you want to point to.  So to have control over specific DNS you'd need to be able to put an entry on whatever DNS server(s) you are pointing to. 

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Re: dns override

You need to have an internal DNS server if you want to resolve internal names. The MX is a firewall/gateway and can only forward DNS requests.

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Kind of a big deal

Re: dns override

Configure the DNS entry in the local hosts file on each machine.

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Re: dns override

Well, depending on what you are doing you can get the MX to do what you're looking for, but you will need to work with the Meraki team to do it.


I've used split-dns in cisco routers for customers and this is something that isn't as well known even in the Cisco realm, but larger enterprise and even retail/quick-order companies needed as there are many sites that have both public and private facing addresses.  

Cisco Split DNS


Look up split-dns and ask your Meraki - Customer success Manager or your Consulting Sales Engineer to look into it for you.  


Ive had this working for me with a large customer for over a year now and have been trying to get it pushed to the UI for MSP's with no promises, so any request will help both of us.


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