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Simplifi License and device purchase as provider


Simplifi License and device purchase as provider

As a provider it would be nice if we could be reflected as the EU. Its difficult to setup a license and account without getting the emailed license sent to us. Sending to customer is a inconvenience for the client and makes it difficult to activate account. 

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Re: Simplifi License and device purchase as provider



Agreed. Currently there are two recipient fields available for license delivery email; provider & customer. Currently both are compulsory to process customer orders.


Recommended for your use case would be to create an email alias for that customer account and then order the provider email to that email address, eg., for customer email just use approach. Then setup the account so that you´ll have multiple people with access to the account without consulting Meraki Go support if a person quits working etc.


Ideal solution for a provider would be that orders could be processed with a single email address which does not require customer name, domain match and the likes for that delivery email.